Current Collaborators

Daniel Bolnick University of Texas at Austin, Austin

-Parallel evolution in stream-lake pairs of threespine stickleback.

Greg Owens University of British Columbia, Vancouver

-Opsin gene duplication and divergence & characterizing patterns of hybridization.


Greg Owens contemplating life, Vancouver Canada.

Seth Rudman University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

-Estimating natural selection due to predation in benthic and limnetic threespine stickleback. Studying the gut microbiome


Seth Rudman enjoying the natural splendour of the river.

Kieran Samuk Duke University, Durham

-Selection on brain size in three-spine stickleback.


Kieran Samuk trapping threespine stickleback on Texada Island Canada.

 Yoel Stuart  University of Texas at Austin, Austin

-Parallel evolution in stream-lake pairs of threespine stickleback.

Michael Tobler  Kansas State University, Manhattan

-Divergence in opsin gene expression in sulphur and non-sulphur Poecilia species.

IMG_8073 (1)

Michi Tobler and I measuring ambient light in Teapa Mexico.

Thor Veen Quest University, Squamish

-The role of spectral sensitivity in colour based mate choice.

IMG_7886 - Version 2

Thor Veen and I measuring ambient light, Oyster Bay Canada.

My Valued Field and Lab Assistants:

Narina Jabari (Summer 2012):


Jacob Best (Summer 2013):

My Assistant Jacob Best and I looking tough for sampling at the ponds

Mandy Lo (Summer 2014):


Former Collaborators

UBC Data Reproducibility Group

-As a group we were interested in data accessibility and reproducibility in science.

Ted Allison University of Alberta, Edmonton

-Opsin in situ hybridization and retinal development.

John S. Taylor University of Victoria, Victoria

-Opsin expression in live-bearing fish & gene duplication.


Greg Owens, myself and our supervisor John Taylor at the Ecology & Evolution retreat 2010.