Current Collaborators

Daniel Bolnick University of Texas at Austin, Austin

-Parallel evolution in stream-lake pairs of threespine stickleback.

Greg Owens University of British Columbia, Vancouver

-Opsin gene duplication and divergence & characterizing patterns of hybridization.


Greg Owens contemplating life, Vancouver Canada.

Seth Rudman University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

-Estimating natural selection due to predation in benthic and limnetic threespine stickleback. Parallel differentiation of the gut microbiome.


Seth Rudman enjoying the natural splendour of the river.

 Yoel Stuart  University of Texas at Austin, Austin

-Parallel evolution in stream-lake pairs of threespine stickleback.

Michael Tobler  Kansas State University, Manhattan

-Divergence in opsin gene expression in sulphur and non-sulphur Poecilia species.

IMG_8073 (1)

Michi Tobler and I measuring ambient light in Teapa Mexico.

Thor Veen Quest University, Squamish

-The role of spectral sensitivity in colour based mate choice.

IMG_7886 - Version 2

Thor Veen and I measuring ambient light, Oyster Bay Canada.

My Valued Field and Lab Assistants:

Narina Jabari (Summer 2012):


Jacob Best (Summer 2013):

My Assistant Jacob Best and I looking tough for sampling at the ponds

Mandy Lo (Summer 2014):


Former Collaborators

Kieran Samuk Duke University, Durham

-Selection on brain size in three-spine stickleback.


Kieran Samuk trapping threespine stickleback on Texada Island Canada.

UBC Data Reproducibility Group

-As a group we were interested in data accessibility and reproducibility in science.

Ted Allison University of Alberta, Edmonton

-Opsin in situ hybridization and retinal development.

John S. Taylor University of Victoria, Victoria

-Opsin expression in live-bearing fish & gene duplication.


Greg Owens, myself and our supervisor John Taylor at the Ecology & Evolution retreat 2010.