News and Updates

June 7th, 2018:

Over the past two weekends all three Peichel lab Post-docs (Matthew Josephson, Matthew Zuellig and myself) went clover picking around Bern Switzerland. Our efforts were part of a global collaboration to study parallelism of urban adaptation. The GLUE project is led by a group out of the University of Toronto Mississauga and seeks to determine whether there is global parallelism in the evolution of the production of hydrogen cyanide in white clover. Here are a few pictures of us sampling in both rural and urban habitats along a transect:


January 29th, 2018:

I am pleased and honoured to announce that I have been awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship from the European Commission. The fellowship is for the PLEVOCON (Pleiotropy and Evolutionary Constraint) project. The goal of the project is to further understand the role that pleiotropy plays in determining evolutionary trajectories. The fellowship will be held at my current institution, the University of Bern.

October 16th, 2017:

I have now been a postdoc in Bern for over a year. It is unbelievable how quickly time has flown by! I am looking forward to the next year in Bern, with lots of new and exciting projects on the horizon. Also be sure to check back here in the coming months for updates on my forthcoming papers as I finally publish the last of my PhD research!

September 15th, 2017:

Our new paper on the interaction between gene flow, selection and recombination rate during adaptation has been selected as a recommended article by the Faculty of 1000. The paper was also featured in an excellent NEWS AND VIEWS written by David Marques.

August 30th, 2017:

In a last minute schedule change I was asked to sub-in for an invited talk at the ESEB2107 meeting in Groningen. The meeting was excellent and Groningen was a tonne of fun! Check out a couple pictures below from the meeting.


Giving my ESEB talk in a very large room!


Matt Josephson (Fellow Peichel lab postdoc) and myself enjoying a fresh stroopwafel.

May 10th 2017:

Today was the conclusion of the 2017 CSEE meeting in Victoria, British Columbia. The meeting was absolutely fantastic. One of the highlights was a excellent symposia organized in honour of Tom Reimchen’s prolific (and ongoing) career. In addition to the symposium, there was a wonderful after party. Somehow all of my academic advisors (past and present) were in attendance so I took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed a photo with all of them together in chronological order.


Left to Right – Thomas Reimchen, John Taylor, Myself, Dolph Schluter, Catherine Peichel.

March 8th 2017:

I am very grateful that this fall I had the opportunity to write a fun little perspective for Molecular Ecology with my longtime friend and collaborator Greg Owens. The paper highlights three studies published in the same issue of Mol Ecol and gives our thoughts on the state of the field. Hope you enjoy!

November 24th 2016:

The newly assembled Peichel lab celebrates American Thanksgiving.


Peichel lab members L to R: Diana Rennison, Matt Josephson, Sophie Archambealt, Hillary Poore, Katie Peichel.

October 14th 2016:

On October 6th I arrived in Bern Switzerland. I have now started my postdoc with Katie Peichel at the University of Bern in the Institute for Ecology and Evolution. I am very excited to start working on stream and lake populations of stickleback to determine the contribution of pleiotropy to evolutionary constraint.

July 21st 2016:

On July 20th I successfully defended my PhD! I am very thankful for my time at UBC and for all of the fantastic people that are part of the biodiversity research centre here. I am now looking forward to the next step, with an upcoming move to Switzerland to start my postdoc with Katie Peichel!


Taking my turn signing the ceiling post PhD defence (a time honoured UBC tradition)

IMG_0198 - Version 2

All of my fellow schluterites will be dearly missed!

June 1st 2016:

I  have been named as a recipient of the inaugural Excellence in Doctoral Research Award from the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution. There is so much fantastic work being done by junior evolutionary biologists and ecologists in Canada so I am especially honoured to have been selected. Part of the prize is to give a talk in a special symposium at the upcoming CSEE meeting in St. John’s Newfoundland. I am looking forward to attending the meeting and hearing about what other Canadian biologists have been working on!


The Five Winners of The CSEE Excellence in Doctoral Research Award with Society President Judy Myers and Postdoctoral Rep Anne Dalziel

April 7th 2016:

Our paper on the evolution of colour vision in the threespine stickleback radiation is now in press at Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Thor Veen and I first decided to pursue this project during an epic road trip in May 2011, we thought it would be a “quick and easy” project utilizing both of our expertise, five years later I don’t think either of us would say it was quick or easy, but we think the product was worth it in the end.

March 22nd 2016:

The first two papers from my multi year benthic-limnetic predation experiment are now in press: check out Miller et al., in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society and Rudman et al., in Oikos. Work estimating the morphological and genotypic response is still forthcoming.

March 3rd 2016:

I was honoured by the University of British Columbia with the Raja Rosenbluth Award for Women in Biological Sciences.

November 14th 2015:

I am excited to share that I will be starting a Postdoc with Katie Peichel at the University of Bern next Fall. During my Postdoc, I will continue work determining the genetic mechanisms underling adaptive evolution in threespine stickleback.