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Submitted Manuscripts 

  • Reyes-Contreras, M. Glauser, G., Rennison, D.J. & Taborsky, B. Phenotypic engineering alters stress axis programming and social competence. In Review Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. 
  • Gygax, M., Rentsch, A.K., Rudman, S.M., Rennison, D.J. Predation alters cryptic coloration in threespine stickleback.  In Review J. Evol. Biol.
  • Rennison, D.J., Rudman, S.M., Schluter, D. Experimental test of predation and evolutionary divergences of species’ traits and genes in adaptive radiation.
  • Rennison, D.J.*, Rudman, S.M.*, & Schluter, D. Parallel changes in gut microbiome composition and function during colonization, local adaptation and ecological speciation.. *co-first authors

 Manuscripts in Preparation

  • Rennison, D.J.*, Delmore, K.E.*, Samuk, K.M., Owens, G.L., Miller, S.E., & Schluter, D. Parallel selection and geographic proximity predict shared patterns of genome-wide differentiation after colonisation of novel environments.  *co-first authors
  • Rennison, D.J., Veen, T., Owens, GL., & Schluter, D. Biodiversity with gene-flow.
  • Rennison, D.J., Bolnick, D.I., Stuart, Y.E, & Peichel, C.L. Contribution of ecological factors to parallel genetic evolution.




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